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At Diamond Leaders

Our team strives to be at the forefront of the online jewelry industry. The marketing team drives brand growth through strategic campaigns, engaging customers via digital marketing, social media, and compelling content. The design and photography team creates stunning imagery that showcases the elegance of our jewelry and elevates our brand.


Diamond Leaders’ jewelry designer and jewelers collaborate to create stunning, elegant pieces. The designer’s unique, art-inspired concepts are transformed into masterpieces by our skilled jewelers. Each piece is hand-finished to perfection, ensuring exceptional quality and timeless beauty.

Ofer Davidoff founder and proud owner of diamond Leaders is extremely proud to be the first to open doors to all online jewelry sellers, particularly in diamonds. He revolutionized the diamond market by pioneering online sales of diamond jewelry in 1999, achieving top sales status on eBay. His innovative vision has driven global online jewelry sales to exceed $1 trillion. Under his guidance, Diamond Leaders has earned accolades in prestigious magazines and served over one million customers. Davidoff’s famous saying, “Kings rise and fall, but founders who are original are remembered for changing history,” encapsulates his enduring impact and legacy in the jewelry industry. Through his leadership and vision, Diamond Leaders continues to innovate.

Online only. Some jewelry and diamond professionals have become so successful selling on eBay that a number of retailers have closed their brick-and-mortar operations, and some manufacturers no longer sell to retailers. For example, Ofer Davidoff of Davidoff Jewelry, a longtime 47th Street jewelry manufacturer and designer, has closed his business-to-business operation and now sells his products exclusively on eBay to consumers. According to Davidoff, on the Internet, the sky’s the limit. “We’re going to hit it very big,” Davidoff predicts. “The market is so big there’s room for everyone to be there. There is competition, but there are plenty of customers. There are millions of customers. If you get 2% you should be very happy.

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